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Today, COVID-19 pandemic has tested company’s established operational procedures and many employees are now required to work remotely. This presents major logistical challenges as employees are, at times, struggling to connect with their normal systems making it difficult to transact. DME’s suite of digital products may provide part of the solution.

DME eSTORE offers the remote worker access to valuable information and order products from the widest range of products 24/7 worldwide.

DME.net helps guide customers on the use of DME technology and how it can provide unique solutions to mold makers and molders

We support this ever-expanding digital presence with the most experienced customer phone support globally.

Helping you overcome today’s challenges, DME is with you
“Every Step of the WAY”


DME is here to support the global Plastics Industry family, Molders, Mold Makers and OEMs as it has for over 70 years.
Every Step of the Way.

Supporting the needs of Mold Designers, Mold Makers, Molders and OEMs with online ecommerce 24/7 worldwide.